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Handmade & Hammered Out – Ted Teach’s Stunning Ryan Sport Trainer 05/2017 Kids & Planes – The Candler Field Museum Youth Aviation Program 04/2017 dan-wacoDan’s Dream Ship – It’s a Dandy!  07/2015
Retracing-the-Flight-of-Pas Retracing the Flight of Passage – Flying the ’48 Cub Special, 48 Years Later  05/2015 Sarah-ArnoldWomen in the Field – Grassroots Aviators Inspiring Others  03/2015 Tri-Pacer

From Derelict to Delight – A Father-Son Tri-Pacer Restoration 05/2011
Perk’s Time Machine – Affordable Pietenpols Keep People Flying! 2/2010
Grizzly 1
The Grizzly Cub 12/2009
Piper Clipper
Restoring Red Lady 11/2009
Lionheart 1
The Roar of the Lion – An Impressive Cantilever Staggerwing 11/2009
Marquart Charger
Perseverance Rewarded–Nearly Twenty Years of Work Yields a Champion 10/2009
Father and Son – Stardusters Too 9/2009
Florida Air Museum
Record Dash for a Cure – The ALS Trans-world Flight 8/2009
The Wittman W-10 Tailwind – One Fast Homebuilt 4/2009
Cessna 170
A Work in Progress – Restoring a Cessna 170, Bit by Bit 2/2009
Dyke Delta 5
Dyke Delta Reborn – Crumpled Beauty Flies After Years in Storage 12/2008
Goofy 4
Flying Goofy – Life as a Record-Setting Aerial Ambassador 10/2008
Radial Revival – Innovations Keep ’em Flying 07/2008
pober-pixie-vande-voortPixie Perfect 12/2016 Pete McCoy's RV-9AIt’s Not Paint; It’s a Wrap! 01/2015
Breezy by SparkyThe 50th Anniversary of the Birth of Breezy, 05/2014 BK FlierBruce King’s Brilliant BK Flier 1.3
– His Dream Realized, 04/2014


The Exceptionally Eclectic Ellipse
– A Dean Wilson Kit-built Delight, 03/2013


Copyright Sparky Barnes Sargent

Cruising the Vintage Line – Sparky’s 2017 AirVenture Notebook Nov/Dec 2017

The Stearmans – A Son Reminisces About His Father’s Legacy Sep/Oct 2017

Preiser’s Penchant for Perfection – Twin Stinson Sister Ships  Sep/Oct 2017

The Newells’ Jewell – Representing Taylorcraft’s Four-place Foray July/Aug 2017

Beyond All Expectations – The Delightful Davis D-1K May/June 2017


Cruising the Line – Sparky’s 2016 AirVenture Notebook Nov/Dec 2016


Phil Coulson, 2016 Hall of Fame Recipient Nov/Dec 2016

St. Louis Robin

The St. Louis Robin, Making History Again! – An Enduring Endeavor, Spanning Generations and Cultures Sep/Oct 2016

1950 Temco Luscombe

A Temco Luscombe – Award-winning ‘Authentic Garage Restoration’  Sep/Oct, 2016


A Delightful Aeronca Anomaly – The Stick-Controlled Chief  May/June 2016

Merrill 3Spirit of Columbus – A Tribute to Mock’s Moxie March/April 2016


Vaughn’s Valiant Vagabond – Putting the Fun Back in Flying  Sep/Oct 2015


Tim and Myrna’s Time Machine – Restoring a Howard DGA  Sep/Oct 2015


Silver Splendor—The Indian National Airways Staggerwing Jul/Aug 2015

Fairchild-71-by-SparkyMarlin Horst’s Fairchild 71—A Luxurious Lindy Winner    May/June 2015 Mohawk-Waco-by-SparkyThe Mohawk Airways 1929 Waco    Mar/Apr 2015 Aeronca-by-SparkyWalking the Line at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2014: Welcome home, Vintage members!   Nov/Dec 2014
Flood-Aeronca-by-SparkyJoe Flood’s Love Affair—The Second Time Around   Sep/Oct 2014 Waco-YKC-by-SparkyDave and Jeanne Allen’s Waco YKC—Stately Splendor from the Golden Age   Mar/Apr 2014 Spartan-by-SparkyAristocrat of Airlanes—Ron Tarrson’s Treasured Spartan   Jan/Feb 2014
Enticed by Opportunity; Captivated by Intrigue—Dillon Barron’s Restoration of a Silver Sweetheart    May/June 2013
Stan Sweikar’s Storied Silver Age Champion—Take Two!    Mar/Apr 2013
A Long Journey Home—Full Circle Buhl  Jan/Feb 2013
Mike Araldi’s Antique “Flying Diary” 07/2012
Travel Air: Performance and Dependability 03/2012
The Waco Model C 12/2011
The ‘New’ Funk on the Field 10/2011
A Handsome 1947 Piper Super Cruiser 09/2011
Frank Jacob and his Aeronca Champ
Making An Old Friend New 08/2011
Curtiss Robin–A Few Barnstormers…and a Young Girl Named Pearl 03/2011
Sportster 22
The May Family’s Spectacular 1936 Sportster 01/2011
YPT-6A 5
The 1930 Consolidated YPT-6A 12/2010
Waco 3
A Wonderful Prewar Waco 11/2010
Cloudster 9
One Classy Rearwin Cloudster 10/2010
Bonanza 6
The Deatons’ Beautiful Family Bonanza 09/2010
Ryan 3
The Sensuously Svelte Ryan SCW 08/2010
One Gorgeous Taylorcraft 05/2010

Sparky-KR31The 1930 Kreider-Reisner 04/2010

Lovely Laird
Larry Howard’s Lovely Laird 02/2010
Stinson Flying Station Wagon
One Outstanding Stinson Flying Station Wagon 12/2009
The Chastains’ 1952 Rawdon T-1 2/2009
Boeing 27
The 1928 Boeing 40C 11/2008
Waco RNF
The Regal RNF 10/2008
The Robin Alights at Sun ‘n Fun 9/2008
Taylorcraft M
Timeless and Triumphant–The Taylorcraft “Twosome” 02/2008
Baker's Champ
A Honey of a Champion 12/2007
The Remarkable Bücker Bestmann 10/2007
Travel Air 10-D
Waldron and Wooldridge’s Travel Air 10-D 02/2008
Dashing and Darting Through the Sky 4/2007
Howard DGA-15P
Fred Lundeen’s First Airplane 10/2007
Follow the Swallow 11/2006
Grove Disc Brakes

Grove Disc Brake Conversion – Keep those 8.00-4s rolling … and stopping!

Stinson Gullwing 10/2006
Flagship Detroit DC-3The Flagship Detroit DC-3 9/2006 Sparky1935Connie’s Coupe-Top Waco 7/2006 AviationBuddiesUnder the Wing, In the Shade 6/2006

1946 SwiftSwingin’ Swift Gear 4/2006


Flying through Time – A 1929 Pitcairn PA-6

Bucker Jungmeister

Bücker Jungmeisters, Times Two 11/02/17


The Snazzy Super Ace 10/19/17

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Back to Blakesburg 09/21/17

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Copyright Ann Pellegreno

50th Anniversary of the 1967 Earhart Commemorative Flight  06/22/17

Hayden's Spokane Heath Parasol

Hayden’s Storied Spokane Parasol 10/10/2016

Taylor J-2 CubBack to Blakesburg and Back to Basics  10/03/16

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Cabin Ace SJ - Copyright Sparky Barnes Sargent

The Classy Cabin Ace SJ 07/07/2016

Bentzen Sport - Copyright Sparky Barnes Sargent

The Brilliant Bentzen Sport 06/16/2016

Pober PixieThe Playful Pober Pixie – A Happy Spirited Flying Machine  02/25/2016 BTB GAN Oct 5 2015Keeping the Antiques Flying, Year after Year 10/05/2015
 WWIIGPOn Silent Wings – WWII Glider Pilots Hold Reunion 11/30/2011  Smokin' Stearman!Let’s go ‘Back to Blakesburg,’ where the antiques just keep on flying 9/14//2010  AAA-APMA Flight Back in Time–Antique Airplane Fly-in 10/18/09
Dynamic duo; Ohio’s Jim and Dondi Miller 3/5/2004
Thomasville Fly-in
A bit of Southern hospitality 11/14/2002
Take a Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven 7/16/2002

Link to CAF Digital Dispatch - November 2014

A USAAF Crew Engages a German Submarine in the Caribbean, The Dispatch, CAF, November 2014) and The Flyer, CAF, October 2013

Pitcairn PA-18 Autogiro

Love is a Many-Bladed Wing—1932 Pitcairn PA-18 Autogiro, Air & Space Smithsonian, Vol. 25, No. 1, April/May 2010


The Legend Cub – A New “Vintage” LSA 8/2005


The CGS Hawk–An Award Winner from Day One (preview of article) 11/2004


Powerplants of the Past: The Dekle Family’s Collection 3/2002


Texas Cub
McKinley’s “Cub” 3/2009
Back Yard ULHomegrown Ingenuity–The Back Yard Flyer UL 11/2008
Ryan-by-SparkyBest Aviation Careers! Which one will you choose? 5/2007 Luscombe-by-SparkyBuying a Plane – Prepurchase Points to Ponder when Perusing an Aircraft’s Paperwork 9/2007

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