Tales of Timeless Wings

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First Edition – July 2011     ISBN:  978-0-9818238-1-2


Read Review by Robert L. Taylor, President, Antique Airplane Association, Inc.
Read Review by John Eney, Manager, Chesapeake Ranch Airport, Maryland
Read Review by H.G. Frautschy, Editor, Vintage Airplane, Vol. 39, No. 11, 2011
Read Review by Donna Crane-Bailey, 99 News – October/November/December – 2011

Tales of Timeless Wings


This book conveys the stories of more than a dozen pilots who have devoted a great portion of their lives to the preservation of aircraft that have been in their families for decades. This collection of stories highlights each family’s participation in flying, maintaining, and restoring these airplanes—in many cases, as they passed from one generation to the next. These airplanes range from antique to experimental and some of them were even designed and built by family members, including Skeeter, The Girlfriend, The Yellow Rat, and Sweet Patootie. The author spent many hours on the flight line with virtually all of these pilots, and discovered that they are not only safeguarding and perpetuating our aviation history—they’re having fun while doing so! Foreword by Norm Goyer — Pilot, Editor, and Author.

6”x9” paperback, 234 pages, more than 400 photos. (One-page insert with color photos of 24 airplanes included in books ordered from DGA Enterprises – see note below.) **


  • A Sentimental Journey (Paul Ennis – Maryland)
  • The Hoffman Family of Airplanes (Edward C. Hoffman and Edward C. Hoffman, Jr. – Florida)
  • From Wings of Gold to Worldly Horizons (S. Winn Baker – Georgia)
  • Those Irresistible Old Flying Machines (Chester L. Peek – Oklahoma)
  • The Yellow Rat and the Bobcat (Thomas Y. Huf – Pennsylvania) Gone West – September 2, 2013
  • Restoring the Vintage Flyers (Robert G. Jenkins Gone West – February 2, 2016 and Bob Jenkins, Jr. – Georgia)
  • A Homebuilt Menagerie (Leonard R. Eaves – Oklahoma) Gone West – March 3, 2012
  • Discovering New Horizons with His Father’s Wings (Wm. Benjamin Scott – Nevada)
  • A Tale of Two Stinsons (Robert J. Hedgecock – Georgia)
  • Boeing and Beyond (Addison Pemberton – Washington)
  • An AME’s Adventures Aloft (James B. Hays, M.D. – Texas)
  • The Dekle Family’s “Power of the Past” (James B. Dekle, Jr. and John B. Dekle – Georgia)


  • “If you love general aviation and vintage aviation, you will really enjoy this book. This is not just one story, but many compiled into a fascinating behind the scenes look at the drive and heart of aviators flying, maintaining, and restoring a dozen aircraft. I imagined myself piloting and working on each of these aircraft as Sparky takes us along the journey. I could feel the emotions of success, and heartbreak, such as when a tornado destroys a hangar filled with aircraft, or when a father and son complete the restoration of a Piper Cub. If you belong to a local EAA chapter or vintage aircraft club, this book is a must add to your library collection. I kept the book on my nightstand and read a chapter a night over a dozen nights. Now I am taking it to my next Chapter meeting to recommend my fellow members order and read this book. If you are looking for a great holiday or special occasion book, this book would be it. Sparky did her research and not only put together a great collection of stories, but an amazing set of photographic history to go along with each tale.”– Pete Buffington, EAA Member, Wisconsin
  • “Great read! Made me feel like I was at the airport where I could smell the fresh cut grass, aviation fuel, and the aroma of the wood and fabric. Each story introduced me to another fan of Antique and Classic aviation, who has taken their passion to another level. In the process, history is being made or preserved for others to enjoy.” – Joe Swithin, EAA & VAA Member, Morris, Illinois
  • “Reading Tales of Timeless Wings is like taking a trip through history, with lovers of aircraft as your guides. It should be of interest to all lovers of aviation history!” – Eleanor Mills, Editor, Short Wing Piper News, Missouri
  • “Sparky has a way with telling stories based on interviews and acquaintances that is truly riveting. It is a good thing that each chapter of Tales of Timeless Wings stands on its own, or else I wouldn’t have been able to put the book down until I had finished it.” – Tom Auerbach, PCABC Newsletter Editor and Mooney owner/pilot, Oklahoma
  • “For an audience of airplane people, Sparky has nailed it by managing to focus on both the pilots and airplanes without overwhelming the reader with minute detail. Tales of Timeless Wings is a very well-written book that contributes to the history of modern aviation by telling the stories of people whose flying careers and aviation projects span many years.” — Charles H. Stites, Aviation Photographer and Writer, North Carolina
  • Tales of Timeless Wings offers the reader another perspective of the never ending pioneers and gladiators who still exist even today, challenging the sky in their own magnificent flying machines. What a wonderful book … I loved reading about [one of the pilot’s] harrowing adventures–I loved every paragraph! I will also spend weeks just looking at all the photos of the planes I have wanted to build and some I have.” – Daniel H. Stockwell, Model Airplane Builder, Nevada
  • “These vintage airplane family legacies, generations from private to professional pilots with the desire to keep history alive through restoration and flight, make for great reading. Sparky Barnes Sargent has found a gold mine of subject matter for Tales of Timeless Wings.  I found the stories particularly inspiring as we embark on our next project, a 1936 Luscombe Phantom from the Golden Age of Aviation.” – Andrea Eldridge, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Assistant Editor Warbird Digest Magazine, California

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