Howard DGA-8

1936 Howard DGA-8

Additional historical information is welcomed regarding this 1936 Howard DGA-8, NC14873, which is the oldest of the only two existing Howard DGA-8s with the original Wright R-760E-2 engine. This aircraft was featured on the cover of the March 1937 issue of Popular Aviation.

Previous registered owners of NC14873 include: Walden Shaw of Pasadena, CA and Lake Geneva, WI; the Pure Oil Company of Columbus, OH (Al Hansen’s AAHS Journal article: Project Oilwings had some good info/photo about it) ; John DuBois, Jr. of DuBois, PA; Charles H. Babb Company of New York City, NY; Lehigh Aircraft Company of Allentown, PA; Defense Plant Corporation of Washington, DC; W. V. Hanley of El Cerrito, CA, K. E. Richter of Detroit, MI; Homer Mosley of Wichita, KS; and Lawrence Davis of Alamosa, CO (where it possibly was ground-looped/wrecked).

Historical information about Vest Aircraft is also welcomed. Vest was an aircraft salvage business near Denver, Colorado, where NC14873 languished for many years. The aircraft insurance company, Aero Underwriters, may have sold it to Vest after the accident and declared salvage.

Historical photos, records of use by owners/operators, or even leads for relevant information are welcomed – please contact us.

Popular Aviation Howard DGA-8

Pure Oil 1936 Howard DGA-8


DGA-8 Historical Ephemera

Aircraft Specification for Type Certificate No. 612   Rev. 3

DGA-8 Listing by Serial Number

Howard Aircraft Corporation 1938 Brochure (DGA-8, DGA-9, DGA-11)


Howard Brochure 4-fold

The above is from a Howard brochure, the text below is from an Aero Digest 1937 ad for the DGA-8:

Aero Digest July 1937

DGA-8 Panel from Howard Brochure

DGA-8 instrument panel