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Sparky's Vagabond

The side-by-side, two-place, Lycoming-powered Piper PA-15 Vagabond was the first member of the short wing Piper family, which includes the Clipper, Pacer, Tri-Pacer, and Colt. There were 387 PA-15s and 214 PA-17s manufactured in 1948. As of November 7, 2017, there were 170 PA-15s and 104 PA-17s registered in the United States.(As of October 2016, there were 169 PA-15s and 105 PA-17s . In May 1973, there were 197 PA-15s and 117 PA-17s.  In September 2014, there were 176 PA-15s and 107 PA-17s.  Some are registered in other countries.) The Continental-powered PA-17 Vagabond Trainer was a deluxe version of the Lycoming-powered PA-15, and originally sold for $2,195.

General specifications are listed below:

  • Year Manufactured:  1948
  • Gross Weight:  1150
  • Empty Weight: 650
  • Useful Load:  500
  • Wingspan:  29’4″
  • Length:  18’8″
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Fuel capacity: 12 gallons
  • Range with reserve: 250 sm
  • Service Ceiling: 10,500’
  • Cruise:  90 mph
  • Max Speed: 102 mph
  • Stall Speed: 45 mph
  • Climb at sea level: 530 fpm

More information about Vagabonds is available here: Short Wing Piper Club website and here: The On-Line Resource for Short Wing Piper Owners and Enthusiasts

Piper PA-15/PA-17 Vagabonds (facebook)

Piper PA-15 Type Certificate A-800, Revision 11

Piper PA-17 Type Certificate A-805, Revision 12

Vagabond News

Happy Vag

The “Happy Vag” logo was created by Baxter Grier of Boerne, Texas

A delightful newsletter entitled Vagabond News was started by Cecil Ogles of California in the early 1970s. The newsletter was mailed to Vagabond owners and enthusiasts, and publication continued into the 1980s. Cecil passed the editorial baton over to Dave Harmon of New Jersey in March 1982. With Cecil and Dave’s permission, these newsletters are posted here for your reading pleasure (more will be added as they become available and are scanned into PDF format):

Piper Vagabond Photos – from Vagabond News

Piper Vagabond Photos – Current and Recent Years

Articles Featuring Piper Vagabonds

Piper PA-15 and PA-17 Vagabond Ephemera

Piper Vagabond Ad Matchbook

Patches from Vag Fly-in Ansonia, Conn.

Images of embroidered patches for the Vagabond Fly-ins, designed by Jim Jenkins. Dave Harmon submitted these images, and fondly recalls, “We had a wonderful time, good food, and lots of Vag talking. The high point for me was when the Vag on floats flew over and made several low passes!”

Sentimental Journey 2001 Vagabond postmark

Piper Vagabond Ad

 June 1949 Flying - Piper Vagabond Ad

Piper Vagabond flyer